Deep Sea Photo and Video Services

A wide range of offerings for the oceanographic community

There are a variety of services that can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization. We offer the unique ability to deliver all of these skills at sea. In a broad overview, these can include any of the following;

Design, Build and Deploy System
Bringing a new system online can present numerous challenges. It can be challenging to determine what functions you want your new system to have if you are not familiar with the many options. Proper scope definition and thoughtful design criteria can help you maximize your budget. Steps may cover;

Record Scientific Video
Ensuring that your media is correctly recorded every single time is of utmost importance. We create and institute systems, policies, procedures and checklists to ensure that this mission-critical task is performed correctly every time. Sample tasks can include;

Produce Webcasts
A high-bitrate satellite connection can be utilized to create a rich production to engage a remote audience in shipboard activities. This can be a compelling and dynamic manner to engage the public in ocean research, and to deliver informal science education. These webcasts can even be used to create a presence at a hosted remote site, such as schools or aquaria. This work can include;

Create Edited Video Productions
We are able to shoot and edit public facing videos while at sea, and transcode that content so it can be available while still at sea. This can include ROV dive video highlights, key personnel interviews and overall mission overviews. Typically involves;

Mission Photographer
We have an extensive camera kit that provides the unique tools needed for shipboard work. These images are provided for your institutions use under a Creative Commons license. Many clients use these images to populate their websites, social media, and for print publications, such as Annual Reports and other high-quality media. In addition, images include GPS position, keywords, and Associated Press style captions if desired. Imaging can include;

Please contact us if you are interested in a possible booking for your upcoming expedition, project or system design.